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Stormy Skies

Author & Poet

excerpt from "A note on how to cry"

"Reason shooed out the window, 

Hidden away inside a mirror 

covered in a shroud of prayer

mourners clinging to hope like 

leeches to bare skin."

excerpt from "Hunger Pains"

"She forced a glance downward at her leg, crippled from the fall. The bone, jutting out right below her kneecap, shiny with mucus and tissue, seemed to stare at her like an eye, glassy and diseased. The skin around it had turned a color she couldn't identify..."


Combating Censorship: A Zine Project

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Stormy Skies (she/her) received her Master’s degree in Publishing from The George Washington University. She is the co-founder of travel blog, Postcard Press, and horror podcast, Real Horrorshow. She is a writer of poetry and fiction, and a lecturer of English.

Her works can be found in Anti-Heroin Chic Magazine, Arteidolia, Dark Marrow Magazine, CultureCult Magazine, Pussy Magic Magazine, Cauldron Anthology, and elsewhere. She currently lives in Southwestern Pennsylvania surrounded by wilderness.



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